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Hiring A Private Tutor For The First Time: 5 Things To Avoid

Hiring A Private Tutor For The First Time: 5 Things To Avoid

Some students may find themselves struggling and falling behind in one or more subjects for various reasons. This isn’t something that you should be embarrassed about. What’s important is that you acknowledge the problem and you’re actively looking for ways to remedy it.

While studying harder and changing your study habits may help, it may not always do much when it comes to improving your performance in school. This is where a private home tutor comes in. A private home tutor can help you improve your academic standing, reinforce your study habits, improve your time management skills, reduce stress, boost reading and writing skills, and level up your performance in standardised tests. Aside from that, you’ll be able to build a strong foundation in whatever subject you are receiving tuition for. These are just some of the many reasons to hire a private tutor!

Enrolling in Math, Science, or English home tuition in Singapore can have a major positive impact on your student life. However, if the private tutoring session isn’t done right, it can also have adverse effects. This is why you need to avoid a few common mistakes when hiring a private home tutor.

1. Not having a clear objective

First off, you need to identify a clear objective. Are you underperforming in one subject? Are you hiring a tutor to score higher for an important exam? Having a crystal-clear picture of what you want to achieve will help make the selection process easier. For example, you may find it challenging to solve equations faster and you want to improve your skills. You will want to hire a tutor who can help you tackle complex mathematical problems using non-conventional methods to help you keep up or even exceed your peers.

2. Using experience and credentials as the only parameters

Being knowledgeable and being passionate about teaching are entirely different things. They may seem synonymous but have a world of a difference between them. Someone having high honours and prestigious degrees doesn’t always mean they are able to effectively communicate with young students. Even certifications from relevant organisations are not enough parameters to hire a private tutor. Patience, good communication, and passion are some of the most vital qualities you need to look for in a home tutor. Aside from that, a tutor’s teaching style and subject expertise are just as important too.

3. Not having a consistent schedule

One of the most crucial things to remember when hiring a tutor is to follow a consistent schedule. Hiring a tutor before an exam may help you improve your test scores. However, if you want to consistently be at the top of your class, you need to follow a tutoring schedule. This is especially true if you want to have valuable improvement, which is something that requires time, consistency, and dedication.

4. Failing to check a tuition centre’s ratings and reviews

While ratings and reviews from other people don’t tell you everything about a tuition agency or its tutors, they can give you a good idea about the quality of the services it provides. You can gauge how effective the tutors’ teaching styles and methodologies are through the feedback given by the students or parents.

5. Choosing someone without testing your options

Although doing this may seem tedious, you’ll find out in the end that it’s all worth it. This is because testing your options will give you the opportunity to evaluate the tutors’ ability to help you improve your performance in school. You’ll also be able to weigh out the pros and cons of each of the tutors, so you can pick the most appropriate one.


Keep in mind that choosing the perfect private Math, Physics, Science, Chinese, or home piano teacher in Singapore takes time and discernment to ensure that you’ll be able to boost your overall performance and not just your exam scores.

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