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How To Help Your Child Ace Their PSLE Chinese Examinations

How To Help Your Child Ace Their PSLE Chinese Examinations

The idea of learning Chinese and sitting for the PSLE Chinese examinations strikes many Singaporean students with fear and worry. This is partially attributable to Singapore’s predominately English-speaking population, which prevents many people from utilising Chinese in their day-to-day lives. Moreover, with the recent amendment to the format of the PSLE oral examinations, an increasing number of students are finding studying for the language challenging.

However, that does not take away the fact that a strong foundation in Chinese is vital. As parents, there are steps that you can take to help your child in their preparation process for their PSLE Chinese examinations.

Understand that children today learn differently

Before we explore the ways to help your kid succeed academically, it is crucial to first understand that children today learn differently. To begin with, they are much more exposed to technology than previous generations, which undoubtedly has an impact on their learning styles. This means that how you support your child would be different as well.

So, what can parents do then? Well, we recommend refraining from making your kids memorise or do endless past papers for days on end. This would only strengthen the idea that studying Chinese is monotonous and arduous.

Here are 4 ways you can help your child ace their PSLE Chinese examinations.

1. Create an immersive and conducive environment

Many students fail to perform well on their Chinese exams due to a lack of exposure to the language. We recommend creating a conducive environment for your child to learn Chinese. This would help to foster a love and genuine interest in the language and makes the learning process more fun. When children enjoy the language, they are more likely to feel motivated to do their best.

2. Incorporate Chinese into daily life

Incorporating the language into daily life can help tremendously. For instance, you can leverage everyday media sources such as Chinese television shows, newspapers and even songs. Encourage your child to practise speaking the language by asking them to share their thoughts in Chinese. Besides cultivating a love for the language, this would also help your child pick up new vocabulary and practise for their oral communication examinations.

3. Share PSLE examination tips and techniques

Gone are the days when memorising “model answers” was enough for a student to attain good grades. These days, examinations are more focused on testing a student’s understanding of the syllabus through application-based questions. With that being said, it would definitely be worthwhile to share with your child some tips and tricks that could aid in them tackling exam questions with ease. Instead of focusing on “model answers”, shift your attention towards mastering answering techniques.

4. Sign your child up for Chinese tuition

To gear your child up for the tough PSLE preparation journey ahead, consider signing them up for Chinese home tuition in Singapore. A tutor would be able to provide your child with the additional support they need outside of school. This would be especially helpful for parents who may not have the luxury of time to guide their child as much as they would like to because of work or other commitments. Plus, a tutor would be equipped with the knowledge of the syllabus and what examiners are looking for.

Final word

The Chinese language may be among the most challenging to learn, yet mastering it not only provides one an advantage over others but also helps to preserve the language. Hopefully, the tips we have listed above will prove useful in supporting your child in their PSLE Chinese examination preparation.

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