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Parenting 101: Ways You Can Help Your Kid Succeed In School

As a parent, besides supporting your child in their passion, it is vital that you support them in their academic journey as well. Parental involvement can help children develop a positive attitude towards learning, which would then allow them to progress further academically.

There are various ways parents can support their children’s learning throughout the school year. Here are just some of the many ideas to get you started!

1. Check in on your child

The first step to supporting your child academically is to find out how they are doing in their studies. Most parents tend to only find out how their child has been doing when they review their child’s report card post-examinations. While it is never too late to seek help, it may be better to act early before your child gets too far behind in their studies.

Thus, it is indeed beneficial to check in on your child regularly. Ask how they are coping in school, whether there is anything they find particularly challenging and whether they need help with anything – these simple questions can allow you to understand your child much better and support them wherever necessary.

2. Develop a partnership with your child’s teachers

Positive relationships between parents and teachers are proven to have a significant impact on a child’s academic achievements, social competencies, and emotional well-being.

Most schools organise parent-teacher conferences every year. This is a great opportunity for you to meet your child’s respective subject teachers. Speak to them about your child’s performance in school. Most teachers would likely share with you the areas of improvement for your child as well. You may even consider seeking their advice on how you can support your child’s learning more effectively at home. These meetings also provide teachers the opportunity to understand a student’s learning needs and home environment so they can work to better aid in their academic journey.

3. Encourage and motivate your child

As parents, what we say or do in our daily lives can impact our children’s emotional and mental well-being. Thus, it is crucial that you demonstrate a positive attitude about education and remain supportive even when your child does not achieve the academic results that you had expected.

Putting too much pressure on a child to attain a particular grade may lead to them having a low self-esteem and suffering from severe exam stress. Instead of setting unrealistic expectations or reprimanding your child, acknowledge their efforts and encourage them to try better next time. This can help your child understand that studying can be enjoyable and rewarding, rather than something that causes an unhealthy amount of anxiety.

4. Engage a private tutor

If your child is struggling in school, one of the best things parents can do to help is to engage a private home tutor for them. While school teachers do provide quality education, with classes being large in size, there is certainly a limit to the amount of attention a single teacher can dedicate to each student.

On the other hand, a private tutor would be able to provide your child with the personalised guidance that they need to excel in their studies. With no fixed lesson plan or curriculum, a private tutor would be able to focus specifically on topics that your child is struggling with. For example, if your child is struggling in Chinese creative writing, a Chinese home tutor in Singapore would be able to tweak lesson plans to zone in on writing techniques to ensure your child receives the assistance they need.


By actively supporting your child in school, you can not only strengthen your parent-child relationship, but also help your child achieve academic excellence.

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