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Sleep More, Do Better: How Sleeping Habits Affect Grades

Have you ever put off revising for exams or a test to the very last minute, only to realise that staying up all night to study has left you drained and sluggish in the examination hall?

This is just one of the negative effects a lack of sleep can have on your academic performance! A large part of studying revolves around getting sufficient, quality rest, and you’d be surprised at just how much insufficient sleep can affect your studies!

Affects focus

Have you ever completed a Mathematics practice paper and marked it yourself, only to discover countless careless mistakes that you usually would not make? This could be a result of sleep deprivation robbing you of your ability to focus!

A lack of sleep has been proven to affect your ability to focus on complex tasks such as solving problem sums and applying knowledge accurately. Hence, it is imperative that you prioritise a good night’s sleep in order to have the required focus to ensure good, thorough work!

Poorer memory

Forgotten to bring your textbook again? Or that important formula needed to solve a certain question?

Hopefully you haven’t forgotten about how sleeping too little can affect your memory! Sleep deprivation has been proven to impair your ability to remember details, leading you to misplace things and forget important details more often.

This can also lead to you having difficulties developing your study and revision strategies. Struggling to remember your weak topics, important theory and methods can and will cost you marks on examination day!

Prone to frustration

In spite of all your efforts to squeeze more performance out of your tired mind, you can end up building frustration with how hard it can seem to perform. The accumulation of losing marks, rushing assignments you forgot to start, and the desperate last-minute cramming will add up, causing more frustration and exam anxiety.

As a result, you risk dealing yourself a huge morale blow! Your morale is a crucial aspect of how you study and perform academically, and with low morale, you can end up feeling even less motivated to try and raise your grades.


Although getting sufficient and restful sleep is something that should be highly prioritised, it can be difficult to do so especially during busy periods such as project submission weeks and examination periods.

Brushing up on topics, keeping up with assignments and planning revision across all subjects can be a lot to juggle for students, which is why many engage a private tutor to help better guide their studying decisions. Working with a private tutor can eliminate distractions that can prolong the time you spend revising at home. A private tutor can also more easily identify your weaknesses and accurately advise you on which topics to brush up on.

With Premium Tutors, you can engage a private tutor for 1-to-1 lessons to help make the most of your study time at home! Engage competent and skilled teachers for anything from online Mathematics lessons to home tuition for Economics in Singapore. Premium Tutors cater to all academic levels, meaning a primary English tutor is not so far out of reach for your little siblings too!

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