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The Best Way To Study Based On Your Learning Style

There are three main types of learning styles – auditory, visual and kinaesthetic, each with their unique traits and a complementary way of learning. It is crucial to know what sort of learner you are so you can tailor your learning approaches and habits accordingly. After all, if you find strategies that play to your strengths, you will have a far better chance of performing well in school. Read on to discover the various types of learning styles and the corresponding best way to study!

Auditory learners

Auditory learners understand best by listening to spoken instructions and explanations.

If you are an auditory learner, you would probably find yourself reading aloud, even if you do not realise it. Thus, an effective way for auditory learners to study is to record class lectures -- of course, only if your teacher allows it! However, if you are not allowed mobile phones in class, fret not as you could also look for audio recordings or videos online. Alternatively, you could simply record yourself reading out the information on your phone, then play it back as you read your notes!

Regardless of whether you choose to participate actively in class discussions or going over important concepts with a study buddy, verbalising what you have learnt is another great way for auditory learners to process and retain information. What’s more, it can also reinforce your learning, help your peers who are struggling to grasp a certain concept and improve your public speaking skills!

Visual learners

Visual learners learn best when they can visually see the idea they are learning about. Often, visual learners might be easily distracted by sounds. An example would be having difficulty concentrating when there is music playing in the background.

Visual learners find it challenging to remember every point the teacher has shared verbally during a lesson. Thus, if you are a visual learner, take some time to jot down notes during your classes. Whether you write down what is written on the white board or what your teacher is explaining, physically seeing the words will help you commit that information to memory.

Multi-coloured pens and highlighters are also a visual learner’s best friend. When studying for a content-heavy subject such as History or Literature, marking information in different colours can help immensely when you are trying to recall certain concepts. For instance, you could highlight the main points in yellow, important details or numbers in orange and keywords in green. Colour coding can help you organise your thinking and allow you to make connections on how different concepts relate back to the main theme.

Kinaesthetic learners

Do you learn best by having a hands-on experience? Kinaesthetic learners may find it challenging to sit still at a desk whilst studying. Some may even have to take frequent breaks (which is by no means a bad thing) and often prefer the act of doing as opposed to visualising or listening. They learn best through hands-on activities that keep them active.

Looking for ways to make studying fun is one of the primary goals of any kinaesthetic learner. You could consider combining a physical activity with studying. For instance, try going for a walk around your neighbourhood whilst you listen to audio recordings of your lectures. Or it could even be as simple as moving around in your room while reading your notes!

Another tip for kinaesthetic learners is to study in short blocks of time. This would make it easier for your active mind to concentrate on that shorter timescale. And if you find it difficult to sit at a desk, try switching up your environment by studying at different parts of your home.


Whatever your learning style may be, tailoring your study methods to them can do you wonders by maximising your mental recall and focus.

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