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The Importance Of Having A Strong Foundation In Chinese

The Importance Of Having A Strong Foundation In Chinese

There are four official languages spoken in Singapore – English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. While most of the population is composed of those of Chinese descent, English is still the language that is predominantly used -- with laws, regulations, and instructions all being written in English.

Still, Chinese remains one of the most widely spoken languages globally, with more and more people utilising the language in their personal and professional lives. It is no surprise that having a strong foundation in Chinese can be incredibly rewarding – now and in the future. In this article, we explore two of the biggest advantages that proficiency and fluency in the Chinese language can bring.

Opens new doors of opportunities

Learning a second language lets you connect with more people. Being able to speak two of the most spoken languages in the world – English and Chinese – you’ll definitely have the edge over other applicants when it comes to any sort of interview!

People who can speak and write English and Chinese fluently often have a better chance of getting into the top-rated colleges and universities as well as land high-paying jobs in the future, compared to those that don’t.

Moreover, given the fact that China plays a key role in the global trade scene, individuals with a solid foundation in Chinese often earn valuable opportunities to work abroad. You would be able to easily travel to other countries where Chinese is the predominant language without any hitch. Conversing with locals and getting around different places will become a breeze you can speak and understand their language.

Reconnect with your culture

Learning to speak the Chinese language also allows you to learn more about your culture, its traditions, history and reconnect with your ancestry. This is because having in-depth understanding of the language will allow you to appreciate not just the language itself, but also the practices and the way of living behind it. Simply put, a strong foundation will help you better understand how the Chinese language fits into our modern society.

The Chinese culture is over 5,000 years old, making it one of the oldest and richest in the world. Each stroke of a Chinese character has a meaning and story behind it. By learning about the language, you’ll be able to open your mind, appreciate its beauty and history, and become more in-touch with your roots.

It is easier now than ever to learn Chinese!

Learning and mastering Chinese indeed has many benefits. It can give you a good start in your educational journey, open new opportunities in your career and allow you to connect with your culture.

For those who do not have a strong foundation and are currently struggling with Chinese in school, fret not. The good news is that learning Chinese is easier now than ever! In fact, with a Chinese home tutor in Singapore, you’d be able to brush up on your language skills conveniently from the comfort of your own home!

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