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5 Smart Ways To Encourage Kids To Learn To Play The Piano

It is no secret that the cognitive benefits of music for children are aplenty. If your child is enrolled in home piano lessons of their own accord, it will be easier for them to be motivated to practice and improve such a skill. Nevertheless, it’s still crucial for parents to encourage their kids to keep practising and improving.

However, just like many students, your child’s enthusiasm may wane after a few months. So, there’s a possibility that you’ll hear things like “Why do I have to take piano lessons?” whenever you remind them to practice. When that happens, it’s your responsibility to find a way for them to get back on track.

Here are some tips to help you motivate your child to enhance their piano skills every day.

1. Create a reward system

Many children are motivated by rewards. This is why you should devise a reward system that will make your child want to practice playing the piano during their free time.

Keep in mind that the rewards don’t need to be grand or flashy. Small children will be happy with “good job” stickers, food, or a few minutes or hours to watch TV or play on their mobile phones. Older kids may be rewarded by treating them to their favourite restaurant or pastry house.

2. Have smaller, more attainable goals

There are people who are more motivated when they meet smaller goals. They get excited when they accomplish something that they are working toward. So, you can create more attainable goals for your child weekly or fortnightly.

Some of the more manageable goals you can set for them include using proper hand position, maintaining good posture, mastering a challenging song, or playing a piece perfectly throughout practice. Allow the child to choose what they want to improve on and ask them how long they think they will be able to accomplish the goal. Then, provide them with a reward for reaching each of the goals.

3. Stick to a practice schedule

One of the benefits of hiring a home piano teacher in Singapore is that your child will have regular practice time. This is because children thrive on routines, and of course, they have someone more knowledgeable to guide them. However, it’s essential that you ask them their preferred time to keep them motivated to practice every day.

4. Let them show off their progress

Many kids love to show off their newly acquired skills to their parents. Make time to have a mini concert at home where your little one can have the opportunity to showcase what they learned from practising the piano every day. Ensure you let them finish a piece or an entire mini concert before you correct them.

5. Let them know they are doing great.

Praises always motivate young children. This is why parents and other adults need to say words of encouragement, like “You’re doing a great job” and “You’ve come so far with your piano skills.” It’s a simple way of showing your support, especially to kids struggling with piano lessons.


All the tips mentioned above will greatly help encourage the little ones to keep practising and enhancing their piano skills. Aside from that, it’s also imperative for parents to make sure that their children and the piano teachers speak the same language.

At Premium Tutors, you can be sure to find home piano teachers in Singapore that genuinely care about your children’s welfare. We have more than 10,000 satisfied clients that enrol in our one-to-one private home piano lessons and other lessons. Besides piano lessons, we also offer English home tuition among other subjects.

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