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Excel In English: How To Improve Your Writing Skills

Being the primary language used in Singapore, a strong foundation in the English language is crucial to practically everything in school. Not only is attaining a pass in the subject a prerequisite for advancing to higher levels of education, but a student’s English language abilities also affect their performance in other subjects in school.

However, given the importance of English, many students still struggle with mastering the subject. In particular, creative or essay writing is a common challenge that students in schools face. This is because many students find it difficult to string their ideas together and pen them down on paper in a coherent manner.

The writing component of English examinations in Singapore holds a significant weightage, contributing to 35% of a student’s overall grade. Hence, it is of paramount importance that those struggling with writing do their due diligence to brush up on their writing skills. To help you out, we have compiled a couple of tips that may be useful in improving your writing skills and exceling in English.

Tip 1: Read, read, read!

There is a reason why teachers continually encourage their students to read – it works! Reading is a great way to be exposed to various writing styles and new vocabulary.

To brush up on your skills in creative writing, we recommend reading novels. There are plenty of different genres available, so there is surely going to be one that will be right up your alley. From mystery to romance, no matter what genre you choose to read, novels will allow you to learn new words, phrases, and expressions, that you can adopt in your own writing. Similarly, reading news articles and blog articles can aid in your situational writing.

Tip 2: Practice makes perfect

After analysing a couple of articles, it is time to put that newfound knowledge into practice. After all, improving your writing is like learning another other skill – you have to practise in order to get better.

Writing can feel daunting and understandably so. However, it is important to get over that mental hurdle and remember that the only way to get better is by trying. Grab a pen (or your laptop) and begin writing. Then, get feedback from a tutor or teacher on how you can polish up your essay. Be prepared to make several revisions as the first draft is never perfect.

Tip 3: Seek help from a tutor

While online courses may seem like the go-to option, they may not be as helpful. It is undeniable that you would be able to pick up some tips and tricks from writing courses, but these are often generalised. In order to cater to a group of attendees, writing course instructors are unable to provide customised guidance.

On the other hand, English home tuition is able to provide you with personalised guidance that is individually tailored to you. This could include specific advice or ways to improve on your writing style.


Even though not all students have a strong foundation in English, it is feasible for them to catch up and even outperform their own goals. All it takes is persistence and the help of incredible tutors!

If you are looking for English home tuition in Singapore, look no further. Premium Tutors provides private home tutoring services by experienced and qualified tutors in the comfort of your own home. Our comprehensive pool of English tutors is able to help you brush up on your writing skills and even other components of the English language, so you can ace your examinations.

We tailor our lessons specifically to every student’s needs and learning goals. Moreover, not only do we take pride in providing engaging lessons, but we also focus on building your skills and techniques so you can approach the exam questions with confidence.

For more information or to engage an effective private tutor, contact us today!

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