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Help Your Child Gear Up For PSLE With These Useful Tips

Help Your Child Gear Up For PSLE With These Useful Tips

If your child is approaching their final years in Primary School, it is likely that you’re beginning to worry about their PSLE preparation. The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is a significant milestone for students. Not only does it signify the end of their Primary School education, but it is also our children’s first major examination that dictates their next steps. Performing well on the PSLE examinations is crucial to ensure that your child is able to enrol in an excellent Secondary School of their choice.

So, the question lies – how can you adequately prepare your child in this period leading up to the PSLE?

Here are 5 useful tips to help your child gear up for PSLE!

1. Start early

As the saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm”.

In order to maximise the potential outcome, starting early is vital. In fact, it is often advised to start PSLE preparations when a child is Primary 5! This is because the PSLE examinations cover a range of topics that have been taught in Upper Primary – not just the ones covered in Primary 6. Preparation should commence early so as to prevent study burnout and allow your child enough time to cover all bases.

2. Draw up a study plan

Sit down with your child at the beginning of the school year and mark out any important dates on the calendar, which could include both exam and personal dates. Encourage your child to figure out a revision plan on their own. This will allow them ownership of their studies as they get to decide when and what they’d need to revise.

The inclusion of personal dates, such as birthdays or significant events, gives your child something to look forward to along with the academic dates and study schedule. This will help keep them motivated and positive.

3. Review past work

You may mean well when you nag at your child to “go study”, but this advice might be unhelpful, especially if they do not know where to begin. Although it may seem apparent to adults, learning how to study is a skill children need to pick up.

A good place to start is to examine past year’s papers and worksheets. It would be good to go through these materials with your child and identify the weak areas in which they should focus on. Remember, guided learning is far more effective than simply getting your child to complete papers blindly!

4. Look beyond academic grades

What goals does your child have? If your child has a specific hobby or extracurricular that they are particularly interested in, consider conducting research on the Secondary Schools that could support this passion. Setting objectives with your child will subtly remind him or her how important it is to work hard in class and get good grades in order to succeed.

But it is essential to remember that our kids are human too. Allow your child the space they need to vent, get some fresh air, and participate in activities that will help them destress. This will help them feel revitalised and be prepared to tackle more revisions.


The PSLE examinations are the most significant milestone in your child’s Primary School academic life. Prior to the exams, make sure your child has everything they need so they can concentrate on effective, efficient, and fruitful learning!

Besides the 4 tips we have listed above, enrolling your child in private home tuition in Singapore is also a good idea. An English, Math, Science or Chinese home tutor in Singapore will provide your child with individualised guidance and the know-how to tackle PSLE challenges.

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