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How To Make Learning Chemistry Interesting And Fun

Chemistry is the study of matter, including its behaviour, structure, and characteristics. It also tackles the interaction of matter and energy. This means that studying Chemistry means learning about the food you eat, the water you drink, the clothes you wear, the air you breathe and more. In other words, this subject helps you better understand everything around you, allowing you to make informed decisions because you know how to tell expectations from reality.

Learning about Chemistry --often referred to as the “central science” because it connects other branches to one another, including biology, geology, environmental science, and physics -- helps you develop valuable skills that will open up many career options in the future.

However, it is undeniable that even with its numerous benefits, studying Chemistry can sometimes be challenging and, at times, even boring due to the complexity of the subject. So, if you’re feeling stuck and are looking for ways to make learning Chemistry more enjoyable, here are some tips and hacks you should follow!

1. Make learning fun by watching videos

Reading pages and pages of your Chemistry books and notes on end can become tedious over time. Hence, our first tip is to switch things up for a change! You can make studying Chemistry more interesting by adding videos in your study routine. There are plenty of online sources that provide engaging videos on the subject.

You can look for videos on the different elements of the Periodic Table, Chemistry basics, and other lectures that explain these topics thoroughly. The best part? Videos are a more engaging way to learn because it often includes animation, background music, and analogies that will help you better understand the complex concepts of the subject.

2. Watch, read, or listen to jokes about Chemistry

Adding humour to your learning will undoubtedly make it more enjoyable. Reading, hearing, or watching videos on facts about the subject alone can be monotonous and dull over time. But if you add comedy into the mix, you’ll be able to remember the concepts better. You’ll find many videos, articles, or podcasts of jokes and riddles about Chemistry online to supplement your studies.

For example, hearing, reading, or watching a simple joke on one of the elements can make it easier for you to remember it. This also makes studying Chemistry a relaxed and light-hearted activity that you’ll actually look forward to!

3. Read up on unusual Chemistry facts

Aside from reading or watching jokes, it would help if you also read quirky facts about the subject. Search online for funny and unusual facts on topics you currently study in school. Learning about them in a unique manner stimulates your brain, which is quite helpful if you need a break from intense study sessions. Once you’ve rounded up weird but fun facts on Chemistry, share them with your peers and exchange ideas to make learning more bearable!

4. Be creative with presentations and analogies

Look for audio-visual aids to make the subject easier to digest. Teachers often use visual presentations to teach students and make them interested in a particular topic because most students are primarily visual learners. You and your classmates can grasp concepts better when shown pictures. This is why more and more publishers create textbooks with more pictures in them. In your own time, you can also make PowerPoint slides or videos to compile your notes and give a unique spin to the learning process.

You should also be creative in using analogies to illustrate specific topics. It may take time to prepare them, but it will be gratifying in the end as you expose yourself to different analogies.


As you can see, it all takes some creativity to spice things up as you learn more about Chemistry! It would also be of great help if you engage a private tutor who can provide you with the personalised guidance you need to help you excel in your studies.

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