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What Is The Most Ideal Age To Start Taking Piano Lessons?

What Is The Most Ideal Age To Start Taking Piano Lessons?

Encouraging your child to venture into creative endeavours makes a significant difference, particularly on your child’s development. Creative expression essentially helps people grow and live well-rounded lives. Specifically, learning to express themselves through music is a great way to develop the skills that will help them achieve academic and personal success.

If you want your child to enhance and maximise their comprehension abilities, motor skills, math understanding, and self-confidence, you should consider signing them up for home piano lessons. However, like most parents, you might ask: how young is too young when it comes to learning the piano? This article briefly explains the answer to this frequently asked question parents have about piano lessons for kids.

When is the right time for children to learn the piano?

The answer to this question is dependent on your child’s physical and mental readiness. No age is actually considered “too young” to expose kids to musical concepts. Children much younger than 5 years old can already benefit from listening to piano songs or even exploring its keys.

However, keep in mind that while under 5, children still need to undergo some physical and mental developments, thereby limiting the effectiveness of piano lessons from an adult. The structure of the lessons and even the size of their hands can serve as barriers in your child’s piano learning journey.

As such, it is recommended to wait until your child is at least 5 years old to explore complete piano lessons. Until then, you should encourage them to listen to music and sing along with them. Doing so will likely make them more interested in exploring music as they grow up.

How to make sure your child is ready for their piano lessons?

The readiness to take piano lessons varies from child to child. Most children are usually ready to start their piano lessons when they reach the age of 5 to 9. To determine whether or not your child is already ready to get their hands on the piano, here are some crucial factors you should consider:

  • Hand Size

A piano player must have the ability to put their five fingers on the five white keys that are right next to one another on the piano. As such, it is important to look at the size of your child’s hands and determine if it is already big enough to play the piano. When your child is able to place their hand on the keys comfortably, then they are likely ready to learn the piano.

  • Dexterity

Piano players also need to move each of their fingers independently in order to play the piano successfully. In other words, dexterity is essential in playing the piano. So, until your child develops the ability to completely use each of their fingers all on their own, you and your child should wait.

  • Reading Aptitude

Your child does not need to have the ability to read books. However, they are required to be able to recognise symbols on a page and comprehend them. This will guarantee that they are prepared to begin reading music and playing the piano.

  • Interest

Many parents have a strong desire for their children to learn the piano due to the numerous cognitive benefits of music. However, if you wish for them to dedicate themselves to learning the piano, they need to be internally motivated to learn. Hence, your child’s interest in music is one of the factors you must consider when signing them up for piano lessons.


Overall, there is really no definite right time for learning the piano. For as long as your child is physically and mentally ready, they can already take some piano lessons to develop their musical prowess. However, even if you think your child is not yet prepared to learn an instrument, you should still nonetheless encourage them to explore and enjoy music so as to spark their interest and make their experiences fun.

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