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Considering Online Tutoring? Here's How To Make The Most of It

Considering Online Tutoring? Here's How To Make The Most of It

With the popularisation of online learning in recent years, it is no surprise that the trend of remote tutoring has followed suit to cater to students wanting to study in the comforts of their homes. With its improved convenience and time savings, online tutoring like Math home tuition certainly offers unique benefits for efficiency-minded learners looking to make every second of their day count. But apart from these advantages, there is more that you can do to make the most of your sessions, and we share some tips on how you can do just that.

1. Be active and interactive

In general, learning takes place when it is a two-way street. While it is the tutor's job to impart as much information as they can during your short session, that does not mean you must simply listen passively to them for the entire time. Instead, be active and participate by asking as many questions as possible. After all, there is no reason to be embarrassed in a one-on-one environment.

You may find it surprising how simply interacting with your tutor as much as possible can elevate your learning experience and give you more valuable takeaways. This is because you are more likely to digest and retain the knowledge you gain from first-hand learning than rote learning. Hence, make it a habit to actively engage with your tutor by asking questions and tapping into their wealth of knowledge as much as possible.

2. Set clear goals and expectations

It is important to remember that a tutor's job differs from that of your teachers at school, which is why it is best not to have them take the latter's place, as it is not the best use of their time nor yours. Given that your time with them is limited, it is best to identify clear goals you wish to achieve so that your tutor can focus on helping you achieve them with each session. When coming up with these goals, make sure they are:


Simply wanting to get better at a certain subject is too general of a goal to work with. Instead, aim for something more measurable and tangible, such as getting your grades up to a certain level or reaching a specific mark or higher on an upcoming big test.


Your goals must be relevant to your learning, i.e. it is best to put less priority on developing topics you do not need to know immediately or those that you can work on outside your tutoring lessons.


Being realistic is vital in maximising online tutoring. For instance, if you are weak in English and wish to ace it as soon as possible, several lessons of English home tuition will not be enough to make it happen. It is better to work in baby steps and compartmentalise that big goal into smaller ones you can achieve with each tutoring session.

3. Review the explanations and do it yourself

This tip is especially helpful when taking tutoring for subjects like Physics, Science, or Math, where you solve many problems step by step. If you are not doing so already, save notes from each tutoring session. Once your time is up, review these notes and try doing the exercises yourself.

This ensures you are getting the most out of your efforts during the tutoring and verifies that you learned the concepts properly as well as their underlying ideas. Since improving your academic shortcomings is your main goal for getting tutoring, it only makes sense to review the explanations and redo the exercises to verify that you are progressing towards your goal.


Online tutoring is no different from its face-to-face counterpart in terms of effectiveness, making it a great supplementary tool to advance your learning outside the classroom. Hopefully, you will find the tips above useful in making full use of your sessions and leveraging their utmost potential to your advantage.

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