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Mastering the Art of Early Study Prep: Back-To-School Tips

Mastering the Art of Early Study Prep: Back-To-School Tips

A new school year can be an exciting time — fresh beginnings with renewed opportunities to conquer subjects and ace tests. The new syllabuses can also be intimidating to those wanting to do their best but require guidance on how to be proactive about it. Worry not, as the steps to be proactive in your learning are more accessible than one might think.

Here are 4 back-to-school tips to kickstart your early study prep!

1. Familiarise yourself with the curriculum

Early on, obtain the course syllabus or curriculum for the upcoming year and read through the titles that will be covered. This will give you direction on how each topic will link and an idea of what you might find easy and what might take more time to grasp. Familiarise yourself with topics that appear to be more complex to get a head start on digesting those concepts to make future lessons more manageable.

2. Review previous material

Past lesson concepts lay the foundation for new ones to come. Make sure your foundation is strong before learning new concepts in upcoming classes. Read through previous lesson materials and re-solidify your understanding of this content. While it is common to think that past years’ topics are over and done with, many of those themes return in new concepts covered in following years.

Review old notes, textbooks, and assignments. Jot down concepts that were extensively covered in past years, primarily focusing on those you may find unfamiliar. This refreshes your memory and can aid you in bridging the gap between the past year’s syllabus with the newer material. If needed, seek help from your friends or teachers for an opportunity to go through past lesson syllabuses.

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3. Set clear goals

Have a clear game plan before going into the school year (though it is never too late to start!). Set clear goals on how much you’d like to score for mid and end-of-year examinations, and plan how productive you’d ideally like to be when revising and completing assignments. Keeping to a curated schedule would make you much more likely to follow through with it.

Ensure these goals are realistic so you don’t overwork yourself. Avoid burnout by breaking down larger goals into smaller, achievable objectives. Step back every once in a while to track your progress and celebrate your achievements along the way.

4. Practice self-care and mindfulness

Self-care is arguably the most crucial aspect of studying. Practising self-care and mindfulness is the only way to make long-term, consistent efforts possible. Academic demands can get quite stressful. Take a break with meditation, deep breathing exercises, and even prioritising time to watch your favourite shows (a bonus would be a comfort series to soothe your soul).

These can aid you to be conscious and enhance your focus. A hyper fixation on solely studying is not healthy. Take time to focus on your body and mind, keeping calm and managing school stress by eating nutritious foods, drinking ample water, and making time for recreational activities. These will give you energy to conquer the day in and out of school.


Early study prep is vital to having a successful academic year. Be proactive with your learning, and remember to take care of your health with the tips mentioned above.

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